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Blue garage doors are available to order from WM Garage Doors and we have expert fitters to ensure a perfect finish. Our free survey can be used to measure the garage opening and we can assess the garage structure to determine whether a heavy or light garage door is suitable.

Choose From a Wide Variety of Blue Garage Doors?

The blue garage door colour palette is extensive and this means that the garage owner can choose the perfect blue for their garage door. The most popular shades of blue include Sapphire Blue, Pigeon Blue, Steel Blue, Midnight Blue, Navy Blue, Teal Blue and Sky Blue.

The blue garage door tones can, in fact, be chosen from any RAL or BS colour. To complement the blue garage door, a blue garage door frame can also be selected to ensure a complete look. An alternative to this is to choose a contrasting frame colour, with green and orange frames increasing the dynamic and dramatic effect.

Various Types of Garage Doors Available in Blue

There are many types of blue garage door available to the garage owner. The most modern of these include the blue sectional garage door and blue roller garage door. These garage doors can be automated for extra convenience and they crucially save up to three feet of driveway space, as they do not protrude outwards, during the opening process.

If you are looking for a low-cost blue garage door then the up and over range could be for you. Alternatively, garages that are used as a workshop or have high pedestrian access, can be fitted with a side-hinged garage door that opens either in the middle or at the one third/two third point.

Garage doors in blue can be made from a variety of materials. These include timber, such as oak or cedar, metal such as steel or aluminium or plastic such as ABS and GRP.

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