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Double garage doors are an ideal solution for those fortunate enough to have a larger garage space where two vehicles are stored or those who use that extra space as storage or an office. If you are looking for the best double garage doors on the internet, our free survey will accurately measure your double garage door opening, allowing us to provide you with a 30-day no obligation quote.

Style Your Electric Double Garage Door Your Way

Your double garage door can be tailored to suit your personal preference. We can help you choose your desired material and give your double garage door the best finish possible. Our double garage doors come in a range of colours and you can choose between several variations including wooden double garage door and electric double garage doors.

Double garage doors can also be made with maintenance-free UV-fast panels, a choice that complements a home or business that already has PVCu windows.

WM Garage Doors has the best double garage doors for sale in the Midlands. If you are looking for double garage door prices or just require more details on our service, call 01922 300450 or email us today.

The Benefits of Double Garage Doors

Apart from ease of access, the double garage doors for sale by WM Garage Doors are safe and secure. Double garage doors can be automated, benefiting the owner who will no longer need to get wet or cold in the weather, or spend time fumbling with keys when it is dark.

The types of double garage door include budget-friendly canopy doors, convenient retractable doors, sectional doors that do not protrude into the driveway when opened and hinged garage doors that open outwards for when there are obstructions inside the garage space.

The Suitability of Double Garage Doors

Double garage doors are suitable for all types of applications and we recommend garage doors manufactured by industry experts, such as Cardale, Novoferm and Hormann.

Wooden double garage doors and electric double garage doors are fitted by our experienced installers. They are sold with a full guarantee and can also be offered with a free no obligation quote.

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