WM Garage Doors is proud to announce it will be selling and installing the most technologically advanced and secure garage roller door on the market to customers in the West Midlands.

Capable of withstanding a sledgehammer attack and a hurricane, Qompact rolling shutters by SWS are robust yet elegant creations that have achieved the highly acclaimed Secured By Design security rating. And are 50% smaller than most roller shutter systems!

Using Qompact’s patented design, this innovative rolling shutter gives you maximum protection while using the minimum amount of space. Perfect for both internal and external uses, the Qompact rolling shutter cannot be pried out with crowbars and is incredibly environmentally friendly. With 60% of the Qompact products created from recycled materials, the Qompact curtain is 100% recyclable and the Qompact shutter is 99% recyclable. So not only will you be protecting your family, property and belongings, you will also be helping the planet too.

If you are in the market for a stylish automatic garage door that doesn’t take up an excessive amount of space, this is the product for you. The 150 mm box will house a shutter up to 1.7m tall, with the largest shutter box is 205 mm and will house a 3.6 m shutter.

The Qompact rolling shutters have been tested to BR2 STS 202 standards and been specifically created with different lath sizes in order to produce a shutter with the ability to coil extremely tightly. This tight coil ensures there is hardly any space between the slats, which is ideal for those who want the most secure garage door but also retain most of the space in the garage.

The Qompact rolling shutter doors are available in a range of colours and there are three box types to choose from, including the unique curved box.

For more information on the Qompact rolling shutter doors, contact us today on 01922 300450 or visit our website