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Various Types of Garage Doors Available in Red

Timber, Steel, Aluminium and PVC garage doors can be chosen with various different types of opening mechanisms, both manual and automated. The types are up and over, side-hinged, sectional and roller.

Red up and over garage doors are the simplest and hence have the lowest cost. These can be selected to either retract into the garage ceiling space when opened or they can instead form a canopy that partially extends out above the driveway.

Red side-hinged garage doors can be split at the halfway or one third/two third point. These are a particular favourite for those who use their garage space as a workshop or for when above average access to the garage space is needed.

Both red roller garage doors and red sectional garage doors are usually automated, keeping the garage door owner out of the wind, rain and cold. Because these doors do not kick-out into the driveway when opened, vehicles can be parked right up next to them.

Offering high levels of durability and security, we supply and install red garage doors made by industry leaders such as Cardale, Novoferm, Hormann, Wessex, Ryterna, and Garador.

To ensure your replacement garage door meets your standards, we offer a free sizing survey and structural check of the garage. We will provide you with all the advice you may need, along with a 30 day no obligation quote.

Choose the Shade of Your Red Garage Door?

The most popular colour tints for red garage doors are Ruby Red, Red Mahogany, Flame Red, Coral Red, Raspberry Red, Strawberry Red and Beige Red. Alternatively, you can choose to have your red garage door exactly coloured to any RAL or BS number.

A red garage door frame can be supplied to match the red garage door but it is also possible to choose another frame colour. For this, black or white garage door frames work particularly well and offer extra kerb appeal.

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