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Pedestrian Garage Door Installations

Pedestrian garage doors, which may also be referred to as garage doors with a wicket door, are the number one solution for garage owners who desire practical and frequent access to their garage space.

  • Greater privacy of contents within your garage
  • Ease of access through the side door (man door)
  • Doors swing outwards so not compromising space inside

Garage doors with man doors for pedestrians can be insulated, making them suitable for garages that are used for their workspace or used as a workshop. Automatic garage doors with a pedestrian door fitted into them also offer the easiest access should there be a power cut.

Garage doors with door openings for pedestrians tend to be manufactured with side hinges, although this isn’t the only option available with WM Garage Doors. Garage doors with doors in them that use a side-hinged opening have the most traditional appearance. These are usually configured to open half and half or one third and two thirds.

Garage doors with man door openings can also be supplied in the popular up & over range. Here the pedestrian door is located in the centre and opens outwards. When the entire garage door needs to be opened, they lift upwards and either form a canopy or retract inside.


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Design Contemporary Garage Doors, Modern Garage Doors
Garage Door Colour Beige Garage Door, Black, Blue Garage Door, Brown Garage Door, Green Garage Door, Grey Garage Door, Ivory Garage Doors, Red, White
Manufacturer Cardale, Hormann, Novoferm, Select, Tekentrup, Wessex
Materials Fibreglass, Metal, Wood
Number of Doors Double Garage Doors, Single Garage Doors, Triple Garage Doors
Size Large Garage Doors, Small Garage Doors

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