Identifying the Most Perilous Neighbourhoods in the UK through a Comprehensive Crime Report

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In a recent analysis of crime reports across the UK, an alarming revelation has emerged, highlighting the disturbing prevalence of criminal activities in specific regions. The West Midlands, in particular, has taken centre stage, reporting a significantly higher number of crimes than any other area. This has prompted a closer examination of the escalating crime rates hounding the nation.

The UK is grappling with a persistent surge in criminal incidents, with a troubling 4% increase recorded in 2023 compared to the previous year. The implications of this rise extend beyond mere statistics, as these crimes have the potential to inflict both physical and mental harm on unsuspecting victims. Recognising the gravity of the situation, there is an urgent need to shine a light on the most dangerous areas, offering a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by communities.

Here at West Midlands Garage Doors and in collaboration with our SEO company, we have created this detailed report. Ranking the UK based on the total number of reported crimes.  This innovative project aims to provide invaluable insights into the landscape of crime, allowing citizens, law enforcement agencies, and policymakers to identify and address the root causes of criminal activities. Through this collaborative effort, we aspire to foster a safer and more secure environment for all residents.

Top 5 Regions Grappling With Elevated Crime Rates

1.      Birmingham – 152,697 reported cases

Birmingham, standing as the second most populous city in the UK, closely trailing London, is home to 1,144,919 residents. However, the city has earned a dubious distinction in the past year, reporting a staggering 152,697 cases of criminal activity. This alarming figure surpasses other regions by just over 40,000 cases, representing over 43.7% of the total cases reported to the West Midlands Police Department.

2.      Leeds – 111,144 reported cases

Taking a spot on this list as the first of two cities from Yorkshire, Leeds grapples with a significant 111,144 reported crime cases. This figure accounts for approximately 36.2% of West Yorkshire’s total reported crimes, showcasing the challenges faced by the city’s 812,000 residents.

3.      Manchester – 99,397 reported cases

Manchester, with a population of 563,000, ranks as the third area with the highest reported crimes, totalling 99,397. This city contributes to 27.5% of the overall crimes reported in Greater Manchester, which amounts to a substantial 361,191 cases.

4.      Westminster – 89,760 reported cases

Westminster, in the centre of London, has one the highest amount of crimes reported in the UK, having 89,760 cases in total. When it comes to these cases, this amount covers 9.9% of the total cases recorded by the Metropolitan police department.

5.      Bradford – 74,980 reported cases

The other Yorkshire town rounds out the list, with Bradford having a total of 74,980 crimes reported in the last year. From West Yorkshire’s 307,049 total crimes reported, this area covers 24.4% of this total.

Top 5 Regions Boasting The Lowest Crime Rates

1.      Rutland – 1,747 reported cases

Nestled near Leicestershire, Rutland claims the top spot as the safest place to reside in the United Kingdom, reporting a mere 1,747 total crimes. This ceremonial county, characterised by its tranquillity, is overseen by a unitary authority and boasts a population of around 41,000 residents.

2.      Ribble Valley – 2,339 reported cases

Emerging as the second least crime-ridden region nationwide, Ribble Valley, a local government district in Lancashire, records only 2,339 reported crimes. The district, known for its picturesque landscapes, is home to a population of approximately 61,500.

3.      Eden – 3,212 reported cases

Following suit, the Eden district earns a place on this commendable list, reporting a modest 3,212 crimes in the past year. With a population of 54,700, Eden stands as a testament to a community where safety is prioritised.

4.      Maldon – 3,315 reported cases

The town of Maldon reports a mere 3,315 crimes, making it one of the areas with the lowest crime rates. Despite being the largest population-wise on this list, with 66,200 residents, the district maintains its commitment to safety and security.

5.      Melton – 3,520 reported cases

Concluding the list, Melton in Leicestershire secures its position as one of the safest places in England, with a total of 3,520 reported crimes. The town, with its serene surroundings, is home to a population of approximately 51,800.

Top 20 Areas With The Highest Amount Of Crimes

Police force area Community name Total recorded crimes
West Midlands Birmingham 152,697
West Yorkshire Leeds 111,144
Greater Manchester Manchester 99,397
Metropolitan Police Westminster 89,760
West Yorkshire Bradford 74,980
Merseyside Liverpool 70,074
South Yorkshire Sheffield 61,205
Durham County Durham 55,014
Avon and Somerset Bristol, City of 54,901
Leicestershire Leicester 47,746
West Yorkshire Wakefield 47,683
West Yorkshire Kirklees 47,250
South Yorkshire Doncaster 42,424
West Midlands Coventry 41,675
Nottinghamshire Nottingham 41,645
South Wales Cardiff 39,650
Avon and Somerset Somerset 39,465
Metropolitan Police Camden 39,409
Northumbria Newcastle upon Tyne 38,038
Metropolitan Police Newham 37,894

Top 20 Areas With The Lowest Amount Of Crimes

Police force area Community name Total recorded crimes
Leicestershire Rutland 1,747
Lancashire Ribble Valley 2,339
Cumbria Eden 3,212
Essex Maldon 3,315
Leicestershire Melton 3,520
Derbyshire Derbyshire Dales 3,610
Leicestershire Oadby and Wigston 3,924
Dyfed-Powys Ceredigion 4,050
North Wales Isle of Anglesey 4,229
Lancashire Rossendale 4,281
Lancashire Fylde 4,288
Cambridgeshire East Cambridgeshire 4,318
Essex Rochford 4,460
Warwickshire North Warwickshire 4,513
Cumbria Copeland 4,541
Hertfordshire Three Rivers 4,594
Surrey Tandridge 4,708
Norfolk North Norfolk 4,853
Surrey Mole Valley 4,863
Gloucestershire Cotswold 4,906

Crime Cases Ranked By Police Force Area

Police force area Total recorded crimes
Metropolitan Police 907,285
Greater Manchester 361,191
West Midlands 349,111
West Yorkshire 307,049
Thames Valley 183,254
Kent 171,594
Hampshire 170,384
South Yorkshire 159,448
Merseyside 158,964
Essex 158,208
Northumbria 146,729
Avon and Somerset 142,455
Sussex 134,758
Lancashire 126,165
South Wales 111,312
Nottinghamshire 105,899
Leicestershire 103,806
Humberside 103,315
West Mercia 91,994
Staffordshire 91,057
Derbyshire 90,181
Cheshire 82,871
Cleveland 82,074
Hertfordshire 75,959
Surrey 74,072
Cambridgeshire 72,045
Durham 67,739
Norfolk 62,540
Northampton 62,116
North Wales 58,714
Gwent 58,662
Lincolnshire 57,234
Gloucestershire 54,008
Dorset 51,683
Bedfordshire 49,399
North Yorkshire 49,174
Suffolk 47,951
Wiltshire 42,795
Dyfed-Powys 40,873
Warwickshire 40,775
Cumbria 36,967


  • We have used data from the Office for National Statistics, which revealed recorded crime data for each individual community area.
  • We then ranked them based on the amount of crime cases they had. Data was also listed by police force name so we collected and ranked this as well.
  • To work out the percentage of how many crime reports an individual location takes up from the total police force area, we divided the crime cases in the community by the total crimes in the police force area and then multiplied it by 100.
  • When looking for the population data for each location, we used the latest ONS Census report on population figures.

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