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    Wessex Garage Doors

    For over forty years, Wessex Garage Doors has been at the forefront of manufacturing top-tier, high-quality GRP doors, establishing itself as the premier GRP garage door manufacturing company in Europe. Wessex Doors has consistently delivered exceptional products, combining craftsmanship with durability to meet the evolving needs of homeowners.

    Unrivalled Range of GRP Door Styles: Choosing a Wessex garage door opens the door to the largest range of GRP door styles available anywhere. GRP, or Glass Reinforced Polyester, is the material of choice for its ability to emulate the beauty and appearance of wood. The versatility of GRP allows for a finish in either a pristine white gloss or a rich wood grain, providing homeowners with the flexibility to match their garage door to the aesthetic of their home.

    Handcrafted Timber Effect Doors: Wessex takes pride in the individuality of their GRP garage doors, particularly those with a timber effect. No two doors are alike, as each one is meticulously built and finished by hand. This commitment to craftsmanship ensures that homeowners receive a garage door that not only stands out for its visual appeal but also reflects the unique touch of manual craftsmanship.

    Up and Over Excellence: Wessex's up-and-over garage doors are constructed on a corrosion-protected steel chassis, adding both strength and longevity to the product. The steel chassis creates a picture frame edge around the door, enhancing its visual appeal. Homeowners have the option to customise the chassis, which can be supplied in white, brown, or black, with the added convenience of a colour-matched frame for a seamless integration with the overall look of the property.

    Tailored to Traditional and Modern Homes: Wessex GRP garage doors are designed to complement both traditional and modern homes, providing a versatile solution for various architectural styles. Whether seeking a classic, timeless appearance or a more contemporary aesthetic, Wessex offers a range of styles to suit diverse preferences.

    Wessex Garage Doors combines decades of experience, unparalleled craftsmanship, and a commitment to quality to deliver GRP garage doors that stand as a testament to excellence. From the extensive range of styles to the handcrafted timber effect doors and the durability of up-and-over designs, Wessex continues to be a trusted choice for homeowners seeking a garage door that not only enhances the functionality of their space but also adds a touch of enduring elegance to their homes.

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