Insulated Garage Doors

  • Energy efficient with enhanced thermal insulation
  • Insulation materials dampen sound transmission
  • Added strength & resilience against weather elements
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    Insulated Garage Door Installation

    Garage doors not only serve as a functional component of a home but also provide an opportunity to showcase individual style and personality. Opting for insulated garage doors is a wise choice for homeowners looking to safeguard their homes from outdoor elements and achieve energy cost savings. Beyond protection from heat and cold, insulated garage doors contribute to creating a more comfortable environment within the garage. Therefore, having an insulated garage door installed is a crucial consideration for any homeowner.

    Insulated garage doors come in various levels of insulation, with differences among manufacturers and the chosen material for the garage door. Many utilise thermal frame connections that establish a thermal break between the brickwork and frame. This innovative feature can enhance thermal performance by up to 15 percent.

    The advantages of opting for insulated garage doors are numerous:

    • Savings on heating costs due to reduced heat escaping through panels
    • Enhanced durability for prolonged use
    • A warmer atmosphere inside the garage, eliminating the need to bundle up before entering
    • Minimised noise levels, contributing to a quieter garage space

    Several considerations come into play when opting for the installation of an insulated garage door. Initially, it is imperative to have your garage door professionally measured to ensure a proper fit for the insulation. Accurate measurements are crucial, as incorrect dimensions can compromise the effectiveness of the insulation. Equally important is the selection of an experienced contractor proficient in installing insulated doors to ensure correct installation. The installation process for an insulated garage door follows a systematic approach. The contractor begins by measuring the garage door opening and ordering the appropriately sized insulated door. Subsequently, the pre-installation phase involves fitting tracks, door sections, and insulation. Once the pre-installation is completed, the contractor attaches the door to the tracks, adjusts spring tension, and installs the new handle and controls.

    Our range of insulated garage doors features renowned brands such as Hörmann, SWS, and Select, available in numerous styles with various opening mechanisms. For those seeking a distinctive option, side-hinged insulated garage doors present an attractive solution. Not only are they stylish, but they also offer exceptional insulation to enhance the comfort of your garage and home. These doors, hinged on one side and opening outward, are ideal for homeowners with limited space, providing an attractive, low-maintenance solution. Additionally, they ensure a high level of security, safeguarding your vehicles and valuables. Constructed with a high-grade insulated core, insulated roller garage doors contribute to maintaining warmth and comfort inside your home while preventing drafts. Beyond energy efficiency, they effectively reduce external noise levels. These doors, typically featuring a steel frame and reinforced handle, boast advanced locking systems for added strength and durability. Our insulated roller garage doors come with CFC-free insulation, including twin-walled aluminium, and can be sealed for draught exclusion while remaining lightweight and secure.

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