Pedestrian Garage Doors

  • Allows easy entry & exit
  • Ideal for garages with limited space
  • Built-in safety mechanisms ensure safe operation
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    Pedestrian Garage Door Installations

    Pedestrian garage doors, often referred to as garage doors with a wicket door, present an optimal solution for garage owners who prioritise practical and frequent access to their garage space. These doors not only offer convenience but also bring several advantages to enhance the overall functionality of your garage.

    1. Enhanced Privacy: Opting for a pedestrian garage door with a wicket door ensures greater privacy for the contents stored within your garage. This is particularly valuable if you use your garage to store valuable items, tools, or equipment, providing an additional layer of security.

    2. Convenient Side Access: The inclusion of a side door, commonly known as a man door, facilitates easy and quick access to your pedestrian garage without having to open the entire garage door. This is especially beneficial for pedestrians or homeowners who need to access the garage frequently without the hassle of operating the full garage door.

    3. Space Optimisation: Unlike traditional garage doors that lift upward or roll overhead, pedestrian garage doors swing outward. This design choice ensures that the interior space of your garage remains uncompromised, allowing you to make the most of the available space for storage, work, or other activities.

    4. Insulation Options: Pedestrian garage doors with man doors are available with insulation features, making them ideal for garages used as workspaces or workshops. The insulation helps regulate temperature, creating a comfortable environment inside the garage, regardless of the weather outside.

    5. Uninterrupted Access During Power Outages: Automatic garage doors equipped with a pedestrian door offer a valuable advantage during power outages. The inclusion of a manual access point ensures that you can still enter or exit your garage with ease, providing an added layer of convenience and accessibility.

    Insulated garage doors featuring pedestrian access doors are ideal for garages utilised as workspaces or workshops. The inclusion of a pedestrian door in automatic garage doors ensures convenient entry even during a power outage. Opting for a garage door with a pedestrian entrance not only provides practical access but also enhances versatility, privacy, and insulation for your garage space. Whether your garage serves as storage, a workshop, or has other purposes, these doors are tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring a seamless and secure experience. While garage doors with pedestrian openings typically come with side hinges, WM Garage Doors offers a variety of options. Those with doors using side-hinged openings maintain a more traditional appearance, often configured to open either half and half or one third and two thirds. Alternatively, garage doors with pedestrian openings can be part of the popular up & over range. In this design, the pedestrian door is centrally located and opens outward. When the entire garage door needs to be opened, it lifts upwards and either forms a canopy or retracts inside.

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    Large, Small

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