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    Hörmann Garage Doors

    Hörmann garage doors are known for their uncompromising quality, attained through German development and manufacture in the UK. Each Hörmann garage door design has been endurance tested in real conditions. Security is everyone’s main concern. But, don’t worry, as Hörmann garage doors offer excellent safety features to ensure your vehicles and belongings remain secure. The Hörmann sectional garage door offers the highest level of security with a double-skinned panel design that maximises strength.

    WMGD are Hörmann garage door suppliers of both manual or automatic garage doors fitted with Hörmann Promatic or Hörmann Supramatic operators and remote controllers. These systems are the quietest, most reliable, and fastest in the UK. The 3-Series garage doors include Bi Secure Technology with two-way radio control units using 128-bit security encryption.

    The operators use Hörmann’s patented steel hook, which locks the mechanism in place to prevent potential forcing attacks. This solution works even during a power cut, and as a result, is one of the most secure in the UK.

    The Hörmann range includes sectional, side sliding, hingedup-and-over, and roller garage doors. However, the price of the Hörmann garage doors depends on the material and finish, such as steel galvanised or aluminium. The range offers many benefits you may not have thought about. For example, there is a 14cm extra passage width, great for large vehicles.

    The panelling, optional glazing panels, ventilation, surface finishes, decoration, and colours offer something for every taste. You can create a modern minimalist look with trendy matt colours or recreate elegant traditional designs. Furthermore, the high-strength protective paint offers permanent beauty and UV resistance with plastic film coating and polyester primer coating.

    The Hörmann garage door panels include inexpensive single-skin construction or double-skin construction with 42mm or 67mm insulation. With insulation, you can heat the space or simply keep the cold outdoors. Which is great for garages used as a workshop or those that are adjoined to the home.

    Lastly, optional extras include numerous access control systems such as wall-mounted keypads, timers, smartphone app, key switches, and electronic fingerprint readers.

    If you are looking for the best quality at a reasonable price, you should be considering Hörmann garage doors. With this in mind,  if you would like to arrange a site survey and quote please get in touch with our team.

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    Trust WM Garage Doors to provide insightful guidance on selecting the most suitable garage door tailored to your specific circumstances and needs.

    Collaborating with esteemed manufacturers such as HörmannSWS and Select, we proudly offer the UK market’s safest, most reliable, and secure garage doors.

    Elevate the functionality and aesthetics of your space with garage doors that stand the test of time.

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