Benefits Of A Up & Over Garage Door

double white up and over garage doors

If you have been looking at new garage doors, you have probably already realised that there is a vast choice of styles and types to choose from. From sectional to side-hinged, there is a style for everyone, but non is more popular than the up & over garage door.

Made from top manufacturers such as Novoferm and Cardale, these are one of the most tried and tested of all designs. The up & over garage door is generally offered with a choice of two operations; canopy and retractable. 

To open canopy garage doors, you push the door at the top. It moves up from the bottom, protruding slightly outwards, and gradually moves into a horizontal position, creating the familiar canopy at the top of the garage’s entranceway. A retracting up & over garage door has a track that runs horizontally into the garage, allowing the door to retract into the ceiling space. If you have a short driveway, then a retracting door may be the better option because this does not move out into the driveway space. 

An Easy To Use & Affordable Option

The up & over garage door has been one of the most popular styles for decades, providing function at a price anyone can afford. They are the most affordable option, starting from £290. You don’t need electricity to open manual models, so there is no extra cost for an electrician.

The mechanism is simple, reliable, sturdy, and straightforward, and very little ever goes wrong with them. This means that up & over garage door repairs are rare. Your only maintenance will be washing them down with a hose or bucket and water once in a while.

Customisable & Secure

Your up & over garage door can be automated with a motor. The opening and closing actions are activated by a remote control you typically keep in your car or home. People love electric up & over garage doors because they keep them out of the wind, rain, cold, and snow. They also keep the driver safe inside the vehicle, which is great when you arrive home late at night.

An up & over garage door can be made to bespoke sizes, so even if you have a non-standard-sized opening, it is easy to get a made-to-measure product. 

There are plenty of options that give you control over the look. You can pick a colour choice to match or contrast against your home’s style, and designs include those that work well with traditional or modern houses. Your customisable options include a vertical or horizontal pattern or panelling or a textured finish. The door’s body can be made from materials such as steel, aluminium, fibreglass, or GRP. This style also offers excellent security as standard.

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