Everything You Need To Know About Roller Garage Doors

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Roller garage doors are much loved by vehicle and homeowners. They are incredibly versatile, practical, and reliable. With a range of different colours and optional glazing, they can create excellent kerb appeal, and an attractive welcome home.

The Types Of Roller Doors

Double skinned aluminium insulated garage roller doors are made from foam-filled slats. This style offers high levels of security, automated operation that is quiet, noise insulation, and thermal insulation that keeps excessive heat or cold outdoors.

Single skinned continuous curtain steel roller garage doors are your basic style and suitable where security, noise pollution, and insulation are not a significant concern. The system gives lots of headroom above the lintel, and smaller single-doors can be manually operated and spring-loaded to facilitate this. Larger and double-doors should ideally be automated with a motor and remote control.

How Does A Roller Garage Door Work?

A roller garage door is made from slats or laths, and this forms a curtain that slides up guide rails into a housing above the opening. A significant advantage of this type of opening is that the door does not swing or protrude into the driveway during opening. This allows you to park right up to the garage door, which is handy if your family has several cars or if you want to use your drive space for other jobs or purposes.

Roller garage doors are usually automated with an electric motor and a remote control. It is a good idea to have two remote controls, although many electric roller garage door manufacturers have mobile phone apps, which you can use to operate the door instead. Further features include automatic closing, so you never forget to do this, and attempted break-in alerts.

The system parts will include a wall-mounted control box, receiver unit, built-in courtesy light that automatically turns off after a few minutes, and a manual override system (in case you have no electricity).

The two main differences between roller garage doors and sectional garage doors are 1) the slats have less height 2) the slats roll into a housing above the door rather than sliding into the roof space. This makes roller garage doors a good option if headroom is limited or if you want to use the roof space of your garage for storage.

Which Manufacturer Should I Use?

It would be best if you always chose a reputable and well-known manufacturer. Garage doors may look the same from the outside, but if you want a trouble-free life, buying from a good name will pay you back many times over. Look for brands such as:

These roller garage doors use high-quality components to ensure reliability. There are many moving parts, so buying roller garage doors from cheap manufacturers is not a good idea. Also, look out for roller garage doors denoted as Secured by Design, which is the police initiative and standard that promotes safer products by design.

Are They Safe?

Your roller garage door should have the quality-assured CE mark that denotes that it meets UK safety regulations.

In terms of keeping your vehicles and valuables safe, you should again look for the Secured by Design marking. Good quality garage doors include unique security systems that hold the curtain securely in place when closed, prevent forced lifting from the outside, and prevent curtain dislodging.

What Size Do I Need?

The largest standard widths are 5,200mm for domestic residences, with a maximum height of 3,000mm. Roller shutter garage doors of larger sizes are possible, but the specifications of the slats, framework, and guide rails will all increase to ensure the system remains structurally sound and safe.

What Colour Can I Get?

Often have a choice of ten to twenty standard colours, but depending on the manufacturer, you might be able to choose any RAL colour. Woodgrain effects such as oak, mahogany, and rosewood are available on UPVC garage doors.

Glazing slats are an option, and these allow natural light into your garage space, which can be helpful.

Do They Need Much Maintenance

It is a good idea to keep the springs, door joints, openings, and moving parts lubricated. This will ensure the operation remains smooth and quiet, along with providing a long life. Maintenance primarily involves removing any leaves that collect by the door and washing the surfaces with soapy water.

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