There are many garage door types and styles to choose from and these are often selected through the requirements of their application and the overall look and design.

Types of Garage Doors

WM Garage Doors can help you decide which garage doors types are suited to your garage through our free measuring survey and assessment of the garage structure. The most popular types of garage doors includes. The automatic and electric types of garage door are often chosen for their convenience and these reward their owner by never forcing them to stand out in the cold, rain, or wind again. Different types of garage doors can be automated, the most common of which are roller and sectional garage doors. The side hinged type of garage doors open outwards, and this makes them a practical choice for a number of reasons. The side hinged type of garage door can be used when there are fixed obstructions inside and they are popular for when the garage space is used as a workshop or for when above-average pedestrian access is required. There are two different types of garage doors in the up & over style. The canopy variant rests with half of the door protruding outwards from the opening of the garage. Alternatively, a fully retractable type of up & over garage door can be selected