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Which Garage Doors Are The Safest

Aesthetics is often the driving factor that puts homeowners in the market for a new garage door. However, the garage door’s safety and security should not be overlooked.

The importance of garage door security is made abundantly apparent by statistics gathered by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). These show that in the UK, a burglary occurs every forty seconds.

A modern garage door is a step in the right direction because old doors tend to have weak latches, cables, a single lock, and gaps, all of which facilitate brute force attacks.

Safety Features

CCTV, alarms, and motion-detecting lights are a great safety addition to any home, but high-quality modern garage doors are the best deterrent.

When choosing your new garage door, you should consider the garage door’s design and material and check to see if it has enhanced security features such as a multi-point locking system, locking rods, Euro profile cylinder locks that cannot be drilled or Secured by Design certification. Also, automated doors are more secure (and convenient) than manually operated models.

Up And Over

Up and over garage doors were considered vulnerable to burglars. However, new materials and locks have changed this position, providing good security levels.


Side-hinged garage doors are sturdy and good-looking and are available with multi-locking mechanisms. You can open one door only, which makes pedestrian access easy while keeping your valuables out of sight. To enhance security, choose an insulated model.


Roller garage doors look smart and have a compact design. They are not suited to every garage because they require extra vertical height for the placement of the roll casing. They are not the fastest opening door, which can put homeowners off if they want to be able to open the garage door quickly in an emergency.

However, they are robust and sturdy and can be installed without a frame, minimising the risk of a criminal penetrating the door at the sides. You can opt for a double-skinned roller door to improve security even further.


Sectional garage doors are split into sections, which lift and slide into the roof space. Sectionals are one of the most robust solutions with few areas for burglars to attack. They are also highly convenient, with electronic motors opening the door for you.

Conclusion: The Safest Garage Doors Are…

If you are parking your car and storing your lawnmower, any of these options will suffice. If you have more valuables, you should opt for roller or sectional because these are the most secure garage doors. Also critically important is installation, so be sure to choose an experienced supplier and installer, such as WM Garage Doors.

For more information on home security or for a free site survey and price on garage doors, please contact our team.

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