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Insulated Garage Door v Uninsulated Garage Doors

When navigating the realm of new garage door options, numerous considerations demand attention colour, manufacturer, style, and material, all crucial elements to harmonise with your property’s aesthetic. Yet, an additional pivotal question emerges: do you opt for an insulated or an uninsulated garage door?

To assist in making an informed decision, we’ve delved into the distinctions between these two types.

Uninsulated Garage Doors

The conventional choice, an uninsulated garage door, consists of a single layer, crafted from materials like wood, UPVC, metal, or fibreglass. While providing a clear barrier between the garage contents and the external environment, it lacks insulation. This means that wind, dust, leaves, and heat can freely enter and exit.

Insulated Garage Doors

In contrast, insulated garage doors offer a double, and sometimes triple, layer of insulation, rendering the door notably stronger and more durable. The increased thickness equips the insulated door to withstand the wear and tear of daily use and endure minor impacts effectively.

Considering cost, insulated garage doors may bear a slightly higher initial price tag, but they prove more cost-effective over time. The enhanced longevity and energy-saving efficiencies make them a durable and financially savvy choice in the long run.

Leveling up with Insulated Doors

For garages connected to homes, uninsulated doors can result in monetary loss as warm air finds its way out through gaps. In contrast, an insulated door retains the majority of heat, allowing for consistent thermostat temperatures. Whether your garage serves as a vehicle haven or multifunctional space for a gym, workshop, or storage, maintaining a comfortable temperature becomes possible with an insulated garage door.

Regardless of your garage’s purpose, an insulated door ensures a pleasant environment, be it freezing cold or scorching hot outside. It remains an investment in comfort and durability.

For comprehensive details on our diverse range of garage doors, contact us today. Make an informed choice that aligns with your preferences and elevates your garage experience.

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