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Insulated Garage Door v Uninsulated Garage Doors
When navigating the realm of new garage door options, numerous considerations demand attention colour, manufacturer, style, and material, all crucial elements to harmonise with your property’s aesthetic. Yet, an additional pivotal question emerges: do you opt for an insulated or an uninsulated garage door? To assist in making an informed decision, we’ve delved into the […]
Sectional Vs Roller Garage Doors
Your garage door plays many functions, from presenting kerb appeal to securing your belongings or providing insulation or light. The type of door affects these characteristics, so it is vital that you know the differences when deciding which garage door to buy. Here we look at two of the most popular options; sectional garage doors […]
Steel Garage Doors Vs Wooden Garage Doors
Choosing a new garage door is a more complex decision than one might initially perceive, as it significantly impacts the safety, visual appeal, and functionality of the garage for an extended period. One common query we encounter is the choice between steel and wooden garage doors. In this comparison, we delve into the characteristics of […]