A Dog’s Life Is Not So Bad For Some……

The Brits are a nation of dog lovers and owners will go to extraordinary lengths to keep their pampered pooches happy.

From leaving the heating on during the day when everyone is out to make sure their dogs have the finest food all day long, dog lovers are indeed a special breed.

So when we received a call from a customer looking for a side hinged garage door to keep his dogs warm while he was at work, we knew exactly what type of door to suggest. We pointed the gentleman straight into the direction of the insulated side hinged garage door.

Not only would the insulated garage door keep his beloved dogs warm during the colder months, being side hinged gave him the added protection that the dogs would not escape when the door was opened. The garage door installation also came with four individual windows to let the natural light shine through.

The gentleman plumped for the side hinged garage door in white to complement the rest of his property and we are pleased to report that both the dogs and owner are feeling pawsitively ecstatic with the service we provided.