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Steel Garage Doors Vs Wooden Garage Doors

Choosing a new garage door is a more complex decision than one might initially perceive, as it significantly impacts the safety, visual appeal, and functionality of the garage for an extended period. One common query we encounter is the choice between steel and wooden garage doors. In this comparison, we delve into the characteristics of each material.


When it comes to durability, steel emerges as an unparalleled choice. Its robust nature ensures a garage door that withstands the test of time with minimal maintenance. Conversely, wooden garage doors exhibit exceptional strength, capable of enduring high-impact situations without succumbing to dents, setting them apart from their steel counterparts.


Steel garage doors boast impressive customisability, available in various types such as side-hinged, up and over, and the classic carriage style door. On the other hand, wooden garage doors evoke a more vintage aesthetic, particularly complementing traditional structures. The availability of different wood types like oak, cedar, and timber allows for tailored options. Steel doors also offer a diverse range of colours, including canopy, pedestrian and automatic roller doors.


In the realm of upkeep, steel garage doors shine, demanding only periodic cleaning to maintain their sleek appearance. The modern composition of steel minimises the risk of rust, ensuring peace of mind and a lasting investment. On the other hand, wooden garage doors necessitate a more hands-on approach, requiring an annual service to preserve their aesthetic appeal and undergo inspections for potential issues like cracks or warping.

Choosing between steel and wooden garage doors becomes a matter of aligning personal preferences and practical considerations. Opt for the hassle-free, contemporary allure of steel if minimal maintenance is a priority. Alternatively, if you cherish a more traditional aesthetic and are willing to invest time in maintenance rituals, a wooden garage door might be the perfect fit. Whatever your choice, West Midlands Garage Doors stands ready to provide tailored solutions contact us today for a free survey

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