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WM Garage Doors have been supplying and installing black garage doors for almost 20 years, throughout the West Midlands. If you are looking for a black garage door then our free survey will accurately measure your garage door opening and this will allow us to provide you with a 30-day no obligation quote.

Why Choose a Black Garage Door?

Black garage doors have a premium look that offers great kerb appeal and there are several black tones to choose from. In addition to the tone, a black garage door can be finished with either a gloss or matte sheen.

To complete the look, a black colour-matched frame can be fitted for all styles of garage door. If you would like your garage space to be flooded with natural light, then you can choose from a range of glazing options.

Glazing, fitted into stainless steel frames, can fill a complete panel. Smaller square or porthole-style windows can also be chosen and arranged either vertically or horizontally.


Various Types of Garage Doors Available in Black

There are several different types of black garage doors and each of these open in a different way, making them suitable for specific applications.

Up & over garage doors are inexpensive and can be opened to form a canopy or they can open and retract back into the ceiling space of the garage. Black side hinged garage doors open outwards and this can be a primary benefit for garage spaces that have fixed obstructions inside, such as shelves or power meters.

For the convenience of automation, black roller garage doors and black sectional garage doors can be used. Both of these garage door types have no kick-out and this means that a vehicle can be parked up next to them, giving up to three feet more usable driveway space.

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