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Our West Midlands garage door company has been supplying and fitting brown garage doors for almost two decades. We offer garage owners a 30-day no obligation quote, free measuring of the garage door open and a free structural check of the garage, to ensure that it is suitable for your preferred garage door type.

WM Provide a Wide Range of Brown Garage Doors

There is a large choice of brown colours and some of the most popular of these for a brown garage door includes Terra Brown, Clay Brown, Ochre Brown, Brown Beige, Conker Brown and Nut Brown.

In addition to these popular tones of brown, it is possible to order a brown garage door from any tone in the RAL and BS colour ranges. To complete the look, select a colour-matched brown garage door frame.


Various Brown Garage Doors in Various Materials

There are a number of materials that can be used to make your next garage door. These include natural materials such as cedar and oak, metals such as aluminium and steel and plastics such as ABS and GRP.

If sound and heat insulation is desired, then the steel or aluminium can be used to create a double-skin, between which foam insulation is fixed. If natural light is needed inside the garage space, then a variety of glazing option are open for inclusion.

Brown garage doors come in a variety of forms, such as sectional and roller. These garage doors can be operated with a remote control, keeping the garage user out of the British weather and free from the hassle of keys. This type of brown garage door does not ‘kick-out’ into the driveway when opening, meaning that vehicles can be parked right up next to them.

Alternatives to these types of garage door include brown up and over garage doors and brown side-hinged garage doors.

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