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Five Reasons Why You Should Roll With A Roller Garage Door

Our roller garage doors can enhance the appearance of your property and increase your home’s market price. But here are five more reasons why you should consider buying a roller garage door from us.

1. Roller doors have it all sealed – Unlike other types of garage doors that leave little gaps at the foot of the door, a roller garage door effectively seals your garage from the outside world. Not only does this help with energy efficiency, it also means your garage will not allow leaves, bugs and insects to blow in.

2. Keep preying eyes off your goods – A roller garage door is one of the most secure garage doors you can possibly buy. Our range of garage doors comes with top-level security. WM Garage Doors was also the first company to achieve the Secured By Design rating, which is a police initiative to promote high standards in secure installations.

3. Let the good times roll with colour – With WM Garage Doors you can be as colourful as you want. With a plethora of colours to choose from, you can decide exactly how you want your garage to look. You can let the door complement your property or stand out from the crowd with something bold and brave. It’s totally up to you, although our expert installers are always ready to help.

4. That extra space can make all the difference – Given the fact that roller garage doors do not swing outwards, you are potentially given yourself an extra 10-12 inches on the driveway. This can be extremely beneficial for those with big cars on a small driveway.

5. Be in control or go automatic – At WM Garage Doors you have the option of choosing a manual or automatic garage door. An automatic door can be a lifesaver on a terrible Tuesday when the weather is totally treacherous. Simply press a button and glide inside your garage with no fuss, while staying completely dry. Or you can get physical by manually getting out of your vehicle to open the door. The choice is entirely all yours.

At WM Garage Doors we stock an extensive range of garage doors, which includes manufacturers like Hörmann, Novoferm and SWS. For further details on our services contact us today.

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