Safety Tips For Your Garage

Safety Tips For Your Garage

Garage safety is a top concern for homeowners who want to prevent the theft of their vehicles and the burglary of their possessions. Here we present safety tips for your garage, followed by what to look out for if you are buying security garage doors.

The first tip is to add a security camera (CCTV), which is an excellent deterrent to thieves. We also recommend either permanently lighting the area in front of the garage or using motion-activated lights, which can be wired in or run on solar if you don’t have electricity in your garage.

Automatic garage doors can be configured to close after a few minutes automatically, so activating this is beneficial. If your door has an emergency release cord, you can also fit a garage shield to protect this from tampering.

Keeping Your Garage Safe and Secure

If you are purchasing a new garage door, your choice will significantly impact the garage door security. We recommend choosing a product that has been tested to the highest standards.

Today, security garage doors can achieve a security badge of honour with the Secure by Design (SbD) denotation, indicating that the product is designed to meet police-recommended standards. The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) also presents the LPS 1175 SR1 Rigorous Burglary Resistance Standard.

The SWS SeceuroGlide Excel security garage doors were the first to attain LPS 1175 SR1 garage security standards and also bear the Secured by Design marking.

These SWS roller garage doors achieved a Level 1 security rating, passing sustained violent and vigorous brute force attacks, including cut, push, and lift attacks.

Security features that enable such garage door safety include an automatic secure locking system, locking bottom slat, galvanised steel endplates, and vacation mode. Garage security can be further enhanced with a 90dB optional automatic alarm.

If you are looking to invest in the highest quality garage security, security garage doors from SWS might be your best choice.

How To Insulate Your Garage Door For Winter

How To Insulate Your Garage Door For Winter

As winter encroaches and temperatures drop, the warmth of your garage space disappears, and everything within begins to freeze. At this time of year, many homeowners start considering insulated garage doors to remedy this uncomfortable problem.

WM Garage Doors takes you through the garage insulation options that make your space more hospitable and useful.

Why Insulate A Garage?

Garage door insulation is desirable because it transforms the interior area into an area you can use, which is particularly important if you regularly or occasionally conduct DIY or car maintenance out of freezing winds and the rain or snow.

However, this is not the only reason to consider insulated garage doors. If you store paint, solvents, or other liquids in your garage, these are prone to freezing, ruining the product, or splitting the container. Furthermore, your car’s interior is warmer when you come to use it.

Insulated garage doors also reduce the noise created by children playing outside and that caused by traffic. Two more highly beneficial reasons include improved durability and reduced energy bills as less heat escapes through the panels.

Insulated Garage Door Options

Sealed garage doors have a high-grade weather-tight seal that keeps the cold and drafts outside. The CFC-free insulated panels, also called double-skinned or twin-walled aluminium, prevent heat loss through the door’s panels.

Sectional and insulated roller garage doors are a popular choice because they are typically automated with a motor and remote control. Traditional up-and-over and side-hinged insulated garage doors are the solutions for homeowners who wish to retain the original or period-look of their property but benefit from a warm garage interior.

WM Garage Doors supplies and installs insulated garage doors made by top manufacturers, including SWS, Hormann, and Select. Contact our team today on 01922 214272.


How To Pick The Right Garage Door Style For Your House

How To Pick The Right Garage Door Style For Your House

Picking the right garage door style for your home involves many considerations. You will wish to consider the aesthetic and colour, but also the characteristics that facilitate your lifestyle, safety, security, and budgetary needs.

Here we look at the essential steps and factors that should guide and inform your buying making decision.

Personal Style

Everyone has their style and tastes, and your garage door style can offer an extension of these. When pondering upon the best design for your house, you should think about what style goes best with your home’s architecture and location.

If you live in a modern city or town, then maybe the contemporary clean lines of sectional garage doors will work best with their long horizontal panels. Sectional and roller garage doors can have a handleless exterior for the most immaculate look.

If you reside in a traditional village, a garage door with raised panels will likely complement the surroundings. Your streets are probably lined with garages that have up and over garage doors, but this shouldn’t deter you from choosing automatic garage doors if convenience is your highest priority.

Houses in rural locations can opt for timeless carriage house side hinged garage doors. Decorative handles or hinges can accompany these.

Colour Choice

The colour of garage doors greatly influences whether they will blend in or stand out. If you are looking for garage doors that will blend in, then you should avoid vivid colours. Homes and garages built from red brickwork work well with subtle colours such as beige or tan. A rule of thumb is to consider matching the garage door colour to your home’s window frame colour rather than the colour of your front door.

If you are looking to make a design statement, almost any RAL colour is available as a finish. You can also opt for wood-grain textures for units made of any material, including metal and PVC.

Safety Features

It’s important to ensure that the garage door style you want has the safety features you need. Safety features are an essential consideration for automatic garage doors. Options include obstruction sensors that stop and reverse the operation if your car, a person, or object is in the entryway. Finger guards are also available if you have young and curious children.

Further safety features include keypad entry and secure remotes with rolling codes and frequencies.


The material of garage doors offer different advantages and disadvantages:

  • Timber/wood – These create a rustic and traditional look that is beautiful and sophisticated. However, wood is expensive and, while it can be cut to any size, it requires annual maintenance that might include stripping, painting, or staining. Popular wood species include Cedar, Larch, and Hemlock.
  • Steel – These require less maintenance compared to wood, and they are relatively affordable. Numerous styles exist, and they can be insulated with Intellicore or polystyrene. Steel is sturdier than aluminium, but it can rust if it is dented or scratched.
  • Aluminium – There are many designs, and you will have almost no maintenance. Aluminium is rust-proof but slightly less durable than steel. It is light, which makes garage doors easier to operate and puts less strain on your garage structure, the door tracks, and the opener.
  • Fibreglass or PVC – These can crack or split if hit hard enough. They are more expensive than metal alternatives but affordable compared to wood.

Additional Features

You must consider how you are going to use your garage space. Are you going to park in it every day, is it somewhere to store equipment or belongings, or will it be used as a workshop?

The quietest and latest electric garage doors use nylon track drives, which is a definite bonus if your garage is attached to your home. If the space is used as a workshop or gym, you might want to choose tempered frosted or clear glass panels to allow natural light.

The R-value of garage doors denotes their thermal efficiency, and options include single skin and double skin constructions that help keep the cold outdoors during winter and the heat outdoors during summer. The higher the R-value, the better level of insulation. An R-value of 7 is ideal for non-heated garages attached to your home. An R-value of 10 will help improve the thermal efficiency of your home and lower your energy bills, mainly if there is a room situated above the garage space. An R-value of 14 is ideal for garages used as an extra room for the house.

You can get a price for supply and professional installation from WM Garage Doors. Don’t hesitate to contact our team for further advice and assistance.


How To Child Proof Your Garage Door

How To Child Proof Your Garage Door

Child proofing often begins inside your home, moving sharp and hazardous items up high and out of reach. However, have you ever considered child proofing your garage door?

Wherever movement is possible, there is a risk of your child injuring themselves. Trapped or crushed fingers or a blow to the head might well have you on a trip to A&E. Furthermore, if your child successfully gains access to your garage space, they have access to all manner of dangerous objects, from tools and machines to flammable liquids and poisonous paints and solvents.

Here we take you through everything you need to do to childproof your garage doors.

Safe & Secure Locking Mechanisms

It is best to keep your garage door locked at all times. Many manual garage doors are balanced to make opening effortless, so a locked door is a must. Automatic garage doors pose another risk, and your child may be tempted to play with the opener. Many automated garage doors have child safety locks that you can activate to prevent opening even if a child presses the buttons on the remote control.

If your garage is attached to your home, then don’t forget to keep the internal door between the two spaces locked. It is also a good idea to keep vehicles inside the garage locked, just in case, and make sure that keys are kept out of reach.

Seal Any Gaps Around Your Garage Doors

Children can’t resist sticking their fingers into gaps; after all, it’s their naturally inquisitive nature that is central to learning about the world around them. However, it is best not to leave it to your child to learn that sticking their fingers into the gaps around garage doors might lead to losing a finger. To protect your child from potential harm, you should seal any gaps around garage doors using rubber seals or stoppers.

Regular Maintenance & Speedy Repairs

Your regular maintenance should include checking that the auto-reverse feature on automatic garage doors is working. The feature uses photoelectric sensors. You can test the photoelectric sensors by activating closing placing a piece of wood on the floor in the garage door opening. If the garage door begins to close, the sensors are not working, and you should arrange a speedy repair.

If your garage doors show signs of slowing, warping, misaligned tracks, or don’t close, you should call an expert. Sometimes repair work will fix the problem; other times, you may need to consider replacing your garage door with new.

Use Only Licensed Garage Door Professionals

If you are in the market for new garage doors, we recommend talking to a licensed professional. The experts at WM Garage Doors will take you through the types, brands, and features of different garage doors and help you choose the product that is convenient for you and safest for your little ones.

A professionally installed garage door will have tamper-proof locking mechanisms, no gaps and safety features such as an auto-reverse function.

Talk to a licensed garage door expert today.

What Not To Do When Buying a New Garage Door

What Not To Do When Buying a New Garage Door

If you are looking to buy a new garage door, you might be very excited by the prospect or just want to get a replacement with minimal fuss and hassle. You might already have an image in your mind of how your door will look or have a checklist of wants and wishes.

Whether you are excited or not, it is crucial to understand what not to do when buying garage doors. Failing to consider five key things risks putting you in jeopardy. You might end up with garage doors that don’t fit, fulfill your needs, meet your expectations, or stand the test of time.

Never Guess Your Measurements

You might think that you will speed up the process of buying garage doors by taking the measurements yourself. Guessing or taking your own measurement is pretty much the riskiest thing you can do. If you make a mistake, you will be responsible for sorting out the problem and costs to do so.

Always get a garage door installation company to come to your home and take the measurements. They will take accurate sizes, and if they make a mistake, the onus and cost are on them to sort it out. Furthermore, you can talk through all the options available, and the garage door expert might highlight things you have not considered, such as the way the unit opens to maximise driveway space or obstructions inside your garage, such as electrical boxes or headroom restrictions.

Don’t Just Go On Price

It is fine to have a budget; most of us do. However, while you should stay within what you are comfortable paying, the cheapest option is rarely the best.

Paying a little more or choosing a reputable brand, such as Hormann or SWS, will directly affect quality. The security and strength of the operating mechanism might be better, or parts may be galvanised or zinc plated to maximise their lifespan.

You also do not want to miss out on those little extras that can make such a difference. Garage doors can have safety features to protect children and pets, with a sensor that stops and reverses the door or someone is there. Or, how about adding the convenience of wireless smartphone monitoring and control?

The material that garage doors are made from will also alter the price:

  • Steel – Steel is a popular choice and one of the most robust materials available. However, you may want to avoid steel if you live in a coastal town where saltwater is in the air and causes corrosion.
  • Aluminium – Resisting rust and corrosion, aluminium is ideal for any environment that is regularly wet or damp.
  • Fibreglass (GRP) – Fibreglass is durable, but cheap fibreglass garage doors are thin and prone to cracking in the extreme cold.
  • PVC – PVC is a durable and low-maintenance choice.

Online Quotes

With online quotes, you never know if everything is included. You are on your own when it comes to making choices about glazing and insulation, so an in-person quote is always best.

Don’t Forget Insulation

If garage doors lead into your home or you intend to use your garage space as a workshop, then insulation is something well worth adding. Options include extruded polystyrene and polyurethane. Polyurethane is 15-20% more expensive but performs significantly better.

The R-value indicates thermal performance, and the higher the number, the better the insulation. For example, two-inch polystyrene has an R-value of 9, whereas polyurethane has an R-value of 18. The benefits of opting for double skin, insulated garage doors also include extra security, with serious tools required to break through these.

Untrained Installation

There are many parts when installing garage doors, so taking a DIY approach would be a mistake for most people. Installation requires special tools for setting up the windings and springs, and parts under tension can cause injury if you don’t know what you are doing.

With professional installation, you will be advised of any maintenance schedule. For example, some electric and mechanical garage door mechanisms might need occasional oiling, whereas others use Kevlar or nylon belt drives, which require no maintenance at all.

For a site survey, quote, supply, and installation of garage doors, please don’t hesitate to contact the experts at WMGD.

Sectional Vs Roller Garage Doors

Sectional Vs Roller Garage Doors

Your garage door plays many functions, from presenting kerb appeal to securing your belongings or providing insulation or light. The type of door affects these characteristics, so it is vital that you know the differences when deciding which garage door to buy. Here we look at two of the most popular options; sectional garage doors and roller garage doors. We explain the differences, covering design, colour choices, security, price, materials, and insulation.

1. Design

As roller garage doors are made from slats that roll up into housing, we can fit roller garage doors to almost any shape or size of the garage. The door’s housing can sit inside, in front, or between the opening. Therefore, you can keep the roof space free from tracking, giving a neat look or options for using the roof space for another purpose, such as storage.

Sectional garage doors require clear roof space for tracking. Horizontal tracking is needed because the panels are larger, so they cannot be rolled up into a housing. However, many people prefer this design and consider it the most modern style. Furthermore, sectional garage doors can include patterns to make them look very traditional or include glazing, allowing natural light to fill the internal space. In addition, if you do not want your vehicle and belongings on show, choose semi-transparent frosted glazing. You could also opt for glazing along the top panel to prevent people from taking a sneaky peak, instead of vertical glass from top to bottom.

2. Colours

Sectional garage doors and roller garage doors are available in a wide range of RAL colours. These can have a matt or glossy metallic finish. Similarly, you could opt for a wood grain colour effect that represents the natural beauty of oak, mahogany, or rosewood. The panels or slats can also have a smooth, patterned, or micro-textured finish.

3. Security

Roller garage doors are considered reasonably secure, with the double-skinned variant offering greater protection. You can choose a roller garage door that bears the Secured by Design moniker. These meet high standards and protection against forced entry, as laid out by the police as part of this initiative. Installation is critical to ensure adequate protection, so choosing a reputable garage door supplier and installer is vital.

The mechanism and design of sectional doors make them extremely secure with rollers and a sturdy framework resisting attempted forcing attacks. The lock can be a weak point on cheap doors, but electric-operated doors overcome this weakness by leveraging extra security features that will challenge any intruder.

4. Price

As with many things, you get what you pay for, although there is a good range of prices of high-quality garage doors from brands such as Hormann, SWS, and Select. The price is often a reflection of the quality of the components, the level of security, and insulation.

5. Materials

Roller garage doors are usually made from aluminium or steel. Aluminium garage doors are made from individual slats linked together. These are double-skinned with a foam-filled centre. Steel garage doors are made from one continuous single-skin with ribbed profiles that enable them to roll up into the housing.

Sectional garage doors can be single or double-skinned and made from aluminium, galvanised steel, timber, or GRP fibreglass. For the most affordable choice, steel is your best option, followed by wood & finally GRP. 6. Insulation

While often not accredited with an official U-value, roller garage doors with a double-skin and foam-filled centre offer a reasonable level of insulation, with typically a 19mm thickness. However, the many individual slats have tiny gaps where they are joined to each other, limiting their insulation potential.

With a thickness of 42, 45, or even 67mm, a sectional garage door can offer high insulation levels. This is ideal if you want to use your garage as a workshop or if it’s adjoined to your home. For the best insulating results, we use a rubber seal between the individual panels and along the top, bottom, and sides.

To further discuss which door type is best for you or for a price on sectional garage doors or roller garage doors, don’t hesitate to get in touch with WMGD.